Distributing 800 Free COVID-19 Test Kits: A Collaboration with the Administration for Community Living

Overcoming COVID-19 in Collaboration with the Administration for Community Living - 800 Free Over the Counter COVID-19 Test Kits Distributed by the Foundation's National Paralysis Resource Center

We are excited to unveil a groundbreaking initiative that the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation participated in to protect the paralysis community, as well as aging and disability networks.

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Discover how our impactful collaboration with our federal funder, the Administration for Community Living (ACL) has made a profound impact by distributing 800 free over the counter (OTC) COVID-19 test kits.

Let's delve into the significance of this initiative and its profound implications for our community's health and well-being, especially at a time where access to reliable COVID-19 testing remains a challenge.

Access to Reliable Testing:

The federal Public Health Emergency Declaration for COVID-19 expired on May 11, 2023. Following its expiration, navigating changes in testing protocols became increasingly complex. Since then, people have been navigating changes in government and private insurance plans regarding at-home COVID-19 test kits.

However, embracing accessibility and inclusivity, the Reeve Foundation’s National Paralysis Resource Center (NPRC) collaborated with ACL to distribute 800 Siemens CLINITEST® Rapid COVID-19 test kits to the community, specifically to aging and disability networks. These kits, all distributed free of charge, not only addressed the pressing need for COVID testing but also underscored the importance of inclusivity in healthcare access.

Through distribution of these COVID test kits at prominent events, such as Abilities Expos, the NPRC has ensured widespread access to these important resources. Some of the events the NPRC distributed the COVID test kits at include the Abilities Expos in Dallas and Florida, as well as the Unite 2 Fight Paralysis event. The NPRC also provided a number of kits to our own staff members, and to the Ocean County Veterans Service Bureau.  With this initiative, the NPRC has provided our community members with free and accessible COVID test kits, prioritizing safety, and well-being.

Convenience of At-Home Testing:

Living with disabilities, including paralysis, can entail relying on others for COVID-19 testing. With the distribution of free OTC COVID-19 test kits, individuals within our community were able to experience the convenience and autonomy of testing from the comfort of their homes.

Approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and granted Emergency Use Authorization, these COVID test kits allowed our community members to proactively manage their health and make informed decisions promptly, and actively participate in their COVID-19 testing. Testimonials pouring in from many grateful community members underscore the transformative and profound impact of this initiative on the well-being of our community.

 With OTC COVID-19 test kits, our community members gained increased accessibility and the peace of mind they deserve.

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Impactful Testimonials:

From instilling a sense of inclusion and accessibility to fostering peace of mind, the numerous testimonials we've received speak volumes about the significance of accessible testing. Many community members expressed gratitude for the opportunity to take control of their health and protect their loved ones, highlighting the critical role these test kits play in mitigating the spread of the virus. By amplifying these voices within the disability community, we shed light on the benefits of initiatives aimed at promoting inclusivity and accessibility in healthcare.

 From the many testimonials we received, most individuals felt more comfortable taking the test kits at home. Community members also expressed the importance of self-tests to prevent the spread of the virus. For example, one community member said, “At a time when so many have such deep fears of the unknown –the need to make the COVID-19 test kits available for free is critical!!” Another member stated, “The desire to spare people suffering, especially the elderly who feel they cannot handle one more thing!”

 These are just some of the many testimonials submitted by community members to show the positive impact this initiative had on the aging and disability populations. 

Prioritizing Community Health, Inclusion, and Accessibility

At its core, preventing the spread of COVID-19 and safeguarding public health remain a collective responsibility, underscoring the importance of equitable access to essential resources.

By distributing 800 free COVID test kits to our community, we sent a powerful message: everyone’s health matters and essential resources must be accessible to all.

We're immensely grateful for the opportunity to participate in ACL's vital initiative, championing inclusivity and accessibility every step of the way.

As we reflect on the profound impact of this initiative, we reaffirm our commitment to continue fostering a healthier, more inclusive future for the disability and aging populations, including individuals living with paralysis.

We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in ACL’s important initiative while embracing the power of inclusivity and accessibility. At the Reeve Foundation, we strive to create an environment where everyone can prioritize their well-being. We will continue fostering a healthier, more inclusive future where health for all takes precedence.

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