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The 5th Annual A Walk to Believe is taking place on Sunday June 7th at High Point Solutions Stadium at Rutgers University in New Jersey. For the past three years, sixteen-year-old Remy Stern has been the event's top fundraiser -- last year raising $12,000 alone.

Remy is a very active Team LeGrand member and dedicated supporter of Eric LeGrand. We were fortunate enough to speak to Remy about how Team LeGrand inspired her, her friendship with Eric, and her tips for successful fundraising.

How did you first learn about Eric LeGrand and A Walk to Believe?

Remy: I first met Eric back in 2012 at a charity event hosted by the New York Jets at Pole Position Raceway. I learned about his story, the injury he had sustained on the football field, his daily battles as well as accomplishments, and was inspired by his overly optimistic attitude. From that moment I knew I wanted to be involved with his foundation, Team LeGrand. Something about his mentality and positivity struck me. After researching much about Eric, after the charity event In Jersey City, I knew that I had to make a difference.

Coincidentally, he spoke at my middle school a few months after the charity event at "Learning Lessons Day.” After hearing Eric speak in person that day at my school, I gained new found respect for not only him, but his personality and his mission. I was amazed at how positive he was.

What convinced you to participate in A Walk to Believe?

Remy: After seeing him at my middle school, I went straight home and wrote a letter to Eric. Sealed in the letter was the $500 I had gotten from my parents for receiving straight” A’s” on my report card. I wasn't expecting anything in return, obviously, however that is what makes Eric one of a kind. About a month after I sent Eric that letter, I received a phone call from an unknown number. I picked it up and I heard a voice say. "Hello, is this Remy Stern?" "It is," I replied. "Hey, it is Eric LeGrand. I just wanted to reach out and thank you for your generous donation..." and on and on he went.

I was completely shocked and overwhelmed that he would take the time out of his day to reach out to a then twelve year old girl. Therefore, it was more than obvious to me that I needed to participate in such an amazing event as A Walk to Believe. I figured Eric made my dream of becoming a part of his cause a reality; the least I could do was participate in such an amazing event.

You have been the top fundraiser for the last three years at A Walk To Believe. What are some successful fundraising tips you can pass along?

Remy: Personally, I believe that it is important to be persistent, have a creative and interesting appeal, and to educate people on the importance of the foundation. As far as being persistent, you will not be successful by asking people for donations once and hoping they remember to donate. Also it helps to include pictures (if there are any) that show your involvement, and to tell people about the foundation. Why should they donate to this specific foundation? What makes it so special? Be ready to answer those questions.

What is the hardest part about peer-to-peer fundraising? What is the easiest part?

Remy: The hardest part would probably be managing my time between schoolwork, sports, and fundraising. With all of that, fundraising can quickly take a back seat, so I make sure I put aside time to fundraise. In contrast, the easiest part for me would probably be making flyers and sending out emails to friends and family for donations. And, of course, the best part is that overwhelming feeling of joy when I check online and see that another donation was made.

Any words of wisdom to pass on for those who are still considering being a participant in A Walk to Believe?

Remy: It is for an unbelievable cause, and for an unbelievable individual, Eric LeGrand. If you have not registered for the 5th annual A Walk to Believe, there is still time!

Get your chance to personally congratulate the fundrasing success of this young talented teenager, by participating in this year's event on June 7th. Registration and event information can be found here.

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