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The TCS New York City Marathon is less than a week away! We have a full team this year ready to tackle 26.2 miles to raise funds and awareness for our cause. We reached out to our Team Reeve members to ask why they are participating in the marathon for the Reeve Foundation.

Dante Piccolo

What inspired you to join Team Reeve?

I was inspired to join Team Reeve because of an accident that my mom sustained at the end of February 2019. She fell down a staircase and fractured her spinal cord becoming paralyzed from the neck down. While in the hospital I tried to think of a way to provide my mom with motivation so I decided to research charities I could run for in the NYC Marathon, given it was an event I never envisioned running, and she was about to undertake a lifestyle she never thought would happen to her. Once I saw the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation it seemed like fate and I immediately applied to join the team. Since that day in early March, my mom and I have been pushing each other through our rehab and training together.

What has been the hardest challenge that you have overcome?

Running is not enjoyable for me and before preparation for the marathon I had never run more than seven miles at one time. The fact that I was going to have to stick to a specific plan for seven-plus months if I wanted to do well was challenging over a long period. Also, knowing I was away from home and unable to help my mom through rehab unnerved me, but the support from the community towards my mom brought comfort and allowed me to focus on my challenge.

What are you looking forward to the most on the day of the marathon?

Honestly, I am really looking forward to crossing that finish line and then celebrating with family and friends. That is where my focus is but I have heard the whole race is very exciting and the crowds are incredible so that will be fun to experience as well.

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