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Please see below for my basic fundraising tips and pass it on to your supporters. I strongly believe that if you commit to the training and fundraising together, you will see immediate progress in both. These fundraising tips may help you create a skill toolbox. I hope so... We all have a large well of folks that want to help. We just need to reach out. Spread the news. Potential givers need only to be asked. You also have an opportunity to recruit others to join you as you roll, run, or walk.

Here is my take on fundraising for Team Reeve. Tell all you know!!!

As you have almost two months to train, you also have the same amount of time to fundraise. It's nice to get an early start.

MAIN GOAL: Get people to go to your Team Reeve page. Great photos and a team blurb stir interest with the visitor.

How to get started:

1. Reach out to 6-10 people that you know will help (verbal pre-commitment).

  • If you get some early personal commitments, your momentum will soar. Remember, nothing begets confidence, like confidence.
  • Although there is plenty of time to fundraise, some early successes will be contagious.

2. Start creating these lists. Fill them up. Leave no one out. Do not assume that someone will give or not give.

  • Include all family! Go deep.
  • Ask your friends! From your neighborhood and past neighborhoods, your church, college, etc. Search your contacts list.
  • Reach out to co-workers! Include not only those who work with you but expand to previous employment.
    • Have your family assist with their work contacts.
  • Use your social media! Who is in your social circle? Clubs, associations, teams, dinner groups, civic organizations, college associations.
  • This should include those that you and your family do personal business with or make purchases from regularly.
    • Examples: Gas station, grocery store, pharmacy, hairstylist/barber, car dealer, doctors, restaurants, dry cleaner, gym, etc.

3. How to contact: Each person or organization will fit into one of the following categories:

  • Personal visit.
  • Personal phone call.
  • One-to-one e-mail.
  • Group e-mail (you can blind cc when appropriate).
  • Strategize whenever you can and check your page donor list regularly.
  • Social Media: Start thinking about how you will use social media to reach out to your circle and way beyond.
  • Design a plan.
    • Your page layout makes it very easy for you to share and for the visitor to take immediate action.

In closing: Training and fundraising go together. Get excited about one; the other follows... Trust me, it works. As your training improves, your mind gets more excited to fundraise.

Please use Kelly Lamb as your resource for all things related to your page and resources available.

Best Regards,

Looking forward to hitting our goals, one by one...

Coach Mark

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