Armed Forces Day

On Saturday,  Americans around the world will celebrate Armed Forces Day, a holiday honoring active-duty service members across all branches of the United States military.

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Over 1.3 million military personnel are currently stationed across the country and beyond for the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and Space Force. According to a 2022 demographic profile from the Department of Defense, California, Texas, Virginia and North Carolina contain the highest percentages of active-duty service members in the U.S.

Armed Forces Day was created by President Harry S. Truman to spotlight the unification of the armed forces under the Department of Defense. In a speech announcing its launch, Truman praised the military’s vital role in “the security of the nation and to the establishment of a desirable peace.”

History buffs can learn more about the holiday and enjoy archived photos and documents from throughout the decades on the Department of Defense website.

The day is distinct from both Veterans Day and Memorial Day; Veterans Day celebrates all veterans, both living and deceased, while Memorial Day honors those who died while serving in the military.

Communities across the U.S host parades and flyovers each year to celebrate Armed Forces Day. In addition, people may visit the website of the USO to send a free email message thanking troops for their service.

The Reeve Foundation Military & Veterans Program (MVP) works year-round to support all service members and veterans living with paralysis. Its services include helping families access benefits, specialty care and resources at Veterans Affairs hospitals and connecting veterans with one-on-one peer support. For more information about the MVP, please visit Reeve’s website at or contact our Information Specialists at 1-800-539-7309.

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